mondial iptv

Please read before ordering

1- Access to the servers is a prepaid digital service.
2- your credentials are valid for a single medium, its use on several devices is prohibited
3- no contains physical items such as boxes, etc.
4- Connection to the servers requires stable internet of at least 30 Mb of speed preferably the fiber
5- Does not work under VPN
6- for the first 24 hours if you are not satisfied you can cancel your purchase
7- Activation of your account will take a few minutes or a few hours (depending on the number of customers before you), Please Patience
8- By placing the order you certify that you accept our conditions
9- After placing an order, contact us to receive your credentials at:

9100 Chaines+6000 VOD etseries
Dream TV
5500 Chaines+8000 VOD et serie
Pro iptv
4000 Chaines+4000 VOD & serial
Golden OTT
8500 Chaines+7500 VOD et serie
8000 TV Channels, 9000 VOD & serials
Adult IPTV
7000 TV channels+9000 VOD , included 100 adult live channels

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